Slick 7  'Voodoo' and 'Glidex II'  -  each £3.95

Voodoo Contact Fluid - Braid Cleaner and Anti Arcing Liquid

Glidex II Oil - High Speed Synthetic Lubricant for Bushings and Ball Bearings


Refill Bottles (4refills) £6.50ea



KOFORD  -  Light / Medium / Heavy  £2.50

CAMEN  -  Stick-It Lightly (LIGHT) and Stick-It Red (MEDIUM)  -  £2.50

PARMA  -  Pink Tyre Traction (LIGHT)  -  £2.85

Left to Right.

SCD 'Gee-Wo' Juice.

A superb Braid Conditioner   £1.60

SCD 'Sponge Grippo'

A Great Formula for slot car tyres

which is not sticky itself    £2.50

SCD Active Flux      £1.60

'Clear Can' spray.

Degreaser/Cleaner for slot and radio control electric model motors

as well as the chassis

Large 400ml - £4.00

Small 150ml - £2.50


Lucky Bob's Armature Dye  -  £3.50

Colours - Red, Green, Purple, Yellow, Blue, Black

PARMA  Oilers and Braid Conditioner

#740  -  T.Q.Premium Oil for Oilite Bushings  -  £3.95

#741  -  T.Q. Premium Oil for Ball Bearings  -  £3.95

#665A  -  Braid Cleaner and Anti Arcing Fluid  -  £2.20


Swann Morton Scalpel

Handle only - £3.00

Blades  - £1.50 pack of 5     Left No. 10A    Right No. 11


Small Retractable (Break off blade) Knife

Very Useful   -   50p

Koford Sideplay Setting Tool  -  90p

For Setting Perfect Rear Axle Side Play

Diamond Coated Brush Hood Tool  -  £19.95


Anodised Aluminium Set-up Block  -  £19.50

Precision Machined Aluminium

Flat and 3 recessed areas .010",  .020" and .030" 


1/24 Magnetic Body Mounting Block  -  £16.00

180mm x 100mm x 6mm thick Plexi-Glass

with recesses for front and rear wheels, and braids,

and 4 Neo-magnets


Voki Magnetic Set-Up Block  -  £15.00

Machined from Phenolic Impregnated Fabric.   3 Magnets Hold Chassis Down Onto Block


SCD Building Jig for 1/32 scale  -  £24.00

Safely solder on this material

Includes 3/16" dia peg for guide position and stainless steel pegs for axle and other positions

Keep Surface clear of flux by wiping with wet cloth


Lucky Bob Chassis Jig

1/24 and 1/32 scales with 1/8" and 3/32" axle

Made with Corian - very hard wearing

Simple and effective - movable guide peg

Measures 7" x 3 1/2"  (175mm x 90mm)   -   £13.50

Lucky Bob's Acrylic Set-Up Blocks

Clear   -   £4.00      Fluorescent Blue   -   £5.00

Smoke   -  £4.50      Fluorescent Red   -  £5.00


SCD Aluminium Blocks - Various Colours -£TBA - 4"x8"


'D' Can and 'C' Can Reshaping Tools  -  £9.50 each


KSCP Motor Slugs

The all new Stainless Steel C Can and D Can Slug, now with added 2mm locating pin to solder your bearing/ball race in.





Abrasive Rubber Polishing Tools - Set of 3 - £3.50

Diamond Coated Cutting Discs

3 discs and an Arbor (1/8" shaft)  -  £3.00


Commutator timing tool -  £26.00

Check the degrees of timing of any C can

or D can armature accurately and easily

Ilpe Tyre truer  (contra rotating with abrasive disc)  -  £82.50

Diamond Wheel

Part exchange with old wheel - £20.00

New wheel - £65.00

RotaCraft Mini Rotary Tool - £19.95

Sonic Fiddlestick  -  £11.50

Check Comparitive Pressure of Motor Springs.


SCD F1 Axle/Motor Shaft Alignment Tool  -  £4.95

Available for 3/32" axle to 2mm Motor Shaft

OR 3/32" axle to 1.5mm Motor Shaft


NEW - also available at £4.95

for 2mm axle to 2mm Motor Shaft

and 2mm axle to 1.5mm Motor Shaft 

The Ultimate Brush Radiusing Tool -  £25.00

Radius your vertical and horizontal brushes ready for 'breaking in'

using this first class diamond coated tooling - simple and precise




SCD Brush Grooving Tool  -  £4.50

Diamond Coated

For grooving the brush to accept shunt wire and insulated spring.



SCD Brush Radiusing Tool  -  £14.00

Diamond Coated

Use in Motor Setup  -  Complete with Knurled Knob

Pocket Scales - Ideal for slot cars.

Weighs up to 200grams   Displays grams or ounces.

Auto shut off.   Low battery indicator     £23.50


Abrasive Cleaning and Polishing Blocks  -  £5.00 each

Size :- 78x 48x 18mm     

Extra Course (36 grit) - Course (60 grit) - Medium (120 grit) - Fine (240 grit)

For cleaning and polishing iron, steel. aluminium, plastics and paintwork etc.

Can be used dry or for a finer finish used with water, washing up liquid, white spirit or paraffin.





CAHOZA Precision Guide Threading Tool 

Cuts a perfect thread every time    -  £28.00


Guide Thteading Tool - £28.25

All metal - Aluminium and Tool Steel


Hexagon Wrenches

From Left to Right

HUDY Wrench with 9mm nut socket and .050" hex tip  - £9.00

VOKI Wrench with 9mm nut socket and HUDY .050" hex tip 3mm dia - £8.00

CAHOZA Wrench with 9mm nut socket and .050" hex tip 2mm dia - £9.00

PARMA Wrench with .050" hex tip 3/32" dia - £9.00

SCD Wrench with .050" hex tip 2mm dia (will accept 3/32" dia) - £6.50


Spare Hex Tips - HUDY 3mm shank - £3.50   (.050" hex  or  .035" hex)



Haxagonal Tips

From Left to Right

HUDY tip .050" on 3mm shank  -  £3.50

HUDY tip .035" on 2mm to 3mm shank   -   £3.50

Tip .050" on 3/32" shank   -   £3.00

Tip .035" on 2mm shank   -   £2.50

Not illustrated, Tip .035" on 2mm shank   -   £2.50



Cahoza Hexagon wrenches with 9mm nut socket  -  £7.50

BSCRA Scrutineering Gauge for 1/32nd or for 1/24th Scales. Anodised.

BSCRA Gauge - 1/24th £TBA  1/32nd £TBA


Diamond Coated Magnet Hones  -  £32.50


Made in England with precision

Any Size - All same price

From 0.485" to  0.600"

Many in stock


Measures both metric and imperial From 0mm (0”) to 100mm (4”)



'Rapid' 25Amp Switch Mode Power Supply -  £85.00

Reliable and Inexpensive.   An ideal Unit for all Slot Car Uses.

Less than £100 it will cover your track Power Supply needs, and as a bench unit great for

 testing and running-in your Slot Car Motors.

Specs.  - Digital Readout of Volts and Amps

3v to 15v variable plus 13.5 switched

Dimensions - 220 x 110 x 220mm    Weight - 2.7kg

Fully protected with overload, over temperature, overvoltage and short circuit protection.

40Amp model also available  -  around £118.00

dimensions - 220 x 110 x 300mm     Weight - 3.5kg

Magnet Zappers for Ceramic Magnets - Red Fox - Mini-Zap(with magnet matcher)

Betta basic Tyre truing kit.

Spare Betta tyre truing discs (pairs) various diameters

SCD Set up discs for setting tyre diameter on tyre truer's .660" .670" .680" .690" .700" - £2.00ea

Slick 7 and SCD steel guide tabs.

SCD 16g cranked front axle (1/32nd scale)

SCD flat motor bracket (C can)

SCD brass guide tab

U bracket for  Falcon 21mm wide 18g (1.4mm) Brass

1/24th REHCO for 16D 23mm wide 20g Brass (1.3mm) takes 1/4" oilites

SCD brass axle U bracket for 16D, C can or Falcon 3/4" wide 16g Brass (1.6mm) with 1/8 or 3/32 oilites

Brass Cranked Drop Arm 70mm x 19mm x 1.6mm (16g)

Sonic Fiddle Stick spring tension gauge

Slick 7 or Koford Brush alignment tool complete with 2mm shaft

Armature commutator timing tool

SCD Formula 1 motor/axle alignment tools - for 3/32 axle. 2mm or 1.5mm motor shaft models available.

Parma Pinion puller

Alpha Knurled Grip for armature and magnet hones (2mm)

Betta Armature puller (as above)

Koford axle sideplay setting tool

SCD Copper lane tape .004" no adhesive in 100' rolls

Copper lane tape .001 self adhesive in 110' rolls

Slick 7 Cutting discs Aluminium Oxide 20 pack or 80 pack.

Slick 7 Cutting Arbor with 5 discs

Parma wire brush for braids

Diamond Coated Hand Tools

Diamond Needle File, flat, half round or round.

Armature Tool for truing and reducing the length of the armature sleeve

Guide Tool for facing at the base of the post

Hood Tool for removing roughness on brush hoods and ensuring alignment

Brush Tool for radiusing the face of the brush and reducing break in time. 

Brush Grooving Tool for slotting the brush to accept, spring, insulation and shunt wire.

"Turtle" includes brush tool as above, plus jig allowing brush radiusing out of the can/motor. Jig suits standard and vertical brushes

The "Ultimate" one piece brush radiusing tool. (Standard and Vertical Brushes)