Motor Spares


Precision made 1.5mm to 2mm converter to use when you have ground  your armature


Vertical Gold Plated Brush Hoods  -  8.50 pair
Alpha Motor Ballraces  -  8.00 each
High specification
Left -  Ballrace for Can -  2mm x 5mm x 2.25mm wide -  Shielded
Right  -  Ballrace for Endbell  -  2mm x 5mm x 1.5mm wide  -  Open
Proslot Motor Ballraces   -  4.80 each
For Can and Endbell
2mmm x 5mm x 2.25mm wide  -  Flanged and Shielded

Motor Ballraces  -  All 4.50 each
Abec 5 very good quality  -  LEFT to RIGHT
2mm x 5mm x 2.5mm wide  -  Shielded
2mm x 5mm x 1.5mm wide  -  Open
2mm x 5mm x 2.25mm  -  Flanged and Shielded
2mm x 5mm x 1.5mm wide  -  Flanged Open

Motor Ballraces  -  6mm  -  4.50
Abec 5  -  very good quality
Left  -  2mm x 6mm x 3mm wide  -  Flanged and Shielded
Right  -  2mm x 6mm x 2.25mm wide  - Flanged Open  



Gold dust brushes from Proslot. Yes they contain gold dust and other secret ingredients to reduce heat whilst providing more power transfer through the brush. (More speed, less resistance, less comm. wear and longer life is the claim.)

Power brushes from Parma/PSE

Mura Brushes & Springs

Parma Brushes & Springs

Mura Big Foot II brushes

Koford Premium Vertical Brushes

Mura Overhead Springs - Light/Medium

Proslot RED Overhead Springs - Medium

Alpha Overhead Springs - Medium

Camen Overhead 5 Coil Springs - Light/Medium

Koford Overhead Springs - Light/Medium/Heavy

Rolf Lundberg 400+ Springs

Proslot Braided Silver Shunt Wire

Slick 7 Braided Silver Shunt Wire

Koford or Camen Spring Insulation

Parma 16D/S16D Can

Parma 16D/S16D Endbell

Mura Motor Set Up

Mura Plated Can with Oilite

Proslot New Thin Can

RJR Can with Oilite

Mura MII full endbell kit

Mura New Overhead full endbell kit

Proslot Built Endbells - STD, 5deg Adv. or 5deg Ret.

RJR Endbell & Hardware Kit

Rolf Lundberg Aluminium C Can Endbell Kit - Also available as endbell blank and hardware

Slick 7 Stainless Steel Arm Spacers - 0.003"

Slick 7 Berillium Arm Specers -  0.005"

Mura Brass Arm Spacers - 0.007"

Mura Phenolic Arm Spacers

Slick 7 Polymer Bearing Shield

Koford Phosfor Bronze Arm Spacers - 0.003" or 0.007"

Koford Aluminium Arm Spacers - 0.003"

Hershman 0.030" Brass Arm Spacers

Slick 7 0.030" Brass Arm Spacers

Parma Endbell Screws - 4 Pack

Mura/Proslot/RJR Endbell Self Tapping Screws

Parma Motor Mounting Screws (Cap Head)

Koford Steel Strap Can Screw CSK or Pan Head

Koford/Alpha Aluminium Strap Can Screw Pan Head

Alpha Nylon Endbells for Strap Motors

Alpha Black Aluminium Endbell Screws - 4 Pack

Alpha Endbell Hardware in stock

PLUS most other bits for 16D, C cans and Straps - Please ask!