Blueprints by Hershmann etc.

Proslot Super Wasp Motors - Various Timings Available

Brown Beast III, the vital BSL power unit.

Brown Brute III with stronger Super 16D Midnite DM2 magnets

Mura Super Wasp Motor

T10 and Mura Challenger II motor

Green Demon 16D (25 degrees)

Mean Demon 16D (30 degrees)

Twister Adjustable timing 16D

Twister Balanced Adjustable timing 16D

Twister Adjustable timing S16D

Brown Beast III (35 degrees)

Brown Beast with American Made HT Arm - RJR/Mura/ParmaPSE/Proslot

Parma Death Star

Parma NEW S16D

RJR Hornet

Proslot or Mura Group 12 Motor - Available with ball race or oilite in can end.