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delighted to inform you that

Chas Keeling/SCD

has been chosen to represent


to distribute what is arguably the best range of

electronic controllers on the market today

The range is truly WORLD CLASS

 Full product details - see  www.thirdeyetechnology.net/

Absolutely up to date info will appear here soon


Prices herewith :-

Maverick HO -1/32   -  Adjustable Brake and Sensitivity, Stepless throttle control  125.00

Expert HO -1/32   -  Adjustable Brake and Sensitivity, Blast Relay (Clicker), Stepless throttle control  149.00

Pro HO -1/32    -   Adjustable Brake and Sensitivity,  Blast Relay (Clicker),  Stepless throttle and Electronic Choke  235.00

Renegade  (up to and beyond Gp12 motors)  -  as above but  'EyeDrive' Stepless Throttle, Mosfet Brakes (no chokes)  145.00



Predator 2


Predator 2  - 3000MP   -  as above but  'Hyperdrive' Stepless Throttle, Mosfet Powered Brakes and some superior options - - -

Standard Unit (no meter)  -  235.00

With LCD track voltmeter  (50)     -   285.00

With Dual Fans and Meter  (85)           -   320.00

With Meter, Electronic Choke, but without Fans (135)    -  370.00

With Meter,  Electronic Choke and Fans (170)   -  405.00

Gold Crown    -  as Predator 2 but with genuine resistive choke (not electronic) 7choke increments (your choice 1ft, 2ft or 3ft)   -   515.00