1/24th Production

Champion Turbo Flex - £14.00

Parma Flexi-Kar - forerunner of them all £13.50
Parma Flexi-Kar2 - with rear bearings £17.15
Parma Hot Wing - add-on for front end protection £5.30
Parma Flexi-Kar3 - A superior chassis £14.50
Parma Flexi-Kar4 - Lighter and Faster £13.75

Parma Flexi-Kar5 - with independent pans

(comes with 2 pairs of oilites  3/32" and 1/8")

Mossetti Titan - stainless steel £17.50
Champion Turbo Flex - rear brace included £14.00

L - R, Flexi 1, Flexi 2, Flexi 3, Flexi 4 and Flexi 5


The Superb PARMA Flexi-5      4      Phenomenal Success in the USA
A precision manufactured 3-piece Production Chassis with interlocking pieces.
Precise pressing of components ensures super accurate fit of the 3 parts.
Stainless Steel ensures strength, longevity and retained clean finish.
Design ensures strength and top unbeatable performance
Check out the opposition.............
Flexi-5 is Stronger - does NOT need reinforcement of the guide tab
Flexi-5 is longer lasting
Flexi-5 is flatter
Therefore less hassle, easier to set up and superior in all aspects.
SUPER SPECIAL PRICE £14.00 including rear axle oilites.
Special prices for Falcon/Flexi-5  Kits AND multiple purchases
Fantastic Club Racer.    You will know you're onto a winner.


Parma Hot Wing -  £5.30
Front wheel and guide protector for Flexi-kar and Flexi-2

Mossetti Titan 1/24 Production chassis

A superb handling - tough 2-piece chassis

Stainless Steel £17.00


PROSLOT FX 1/24 Production Chassis  -  £13.00
Lightweight, material as per Champion Turboflex but a little thinner
Left - C can version.  Note gear protection.  SCD rear chassis brace shown in situ.
Right - D can version (slightly larger motor opening)
Super 2 Piece 1/24 FX Production Chassis
Quintessentially Indefatigable
Now Toughened by Demand
This LIGHTWEIGHT Stiffened Chassis now has the
Makings of a Winner
(Stiffer, Fitter, Lighter and Quicker)
THE SUPER FX CHASSIS (2 models - for C can or S16D can)  -   Still £13.00
ISRA, BSCRA  and BSL Legal

1/24 Cheetah II 3-piece Chassis  -  £18.60
Stainless steel 3-piece .030" for C cans and later D cans
NEW Cheetah II 2-piece Chassis -  £18.60
SCD 1/24 Rear Chassis Brace - £2.00
1mm spring steel  -  fits Turboflex and Titan

1/24th Open

Mossetti 1/24 Open Group 12 AND Eurosport
KITS as shown  -  P.O.A.

1/24th MOSTRI Eurosport - £TBA

1/24 Cahoza Production Spring Steel Chassis (Ready Built)  -  £58.00
Low Cost, Unbreakable, Fast, 48gms for Gp12 racing
'Mack' 1/24 (NEW '08) Open Gp 12 kit  -  £55.00 

1/24 Horky Production Spring Steel Chassis (Ready Built)  -  £49.90
Low Cost, Strong and Fast for Gp12 Racing


Left is Eurosport

Right is Open Gp12

Superbly Ready Built in Czech Republic
1/24th Horky OG12 - Price on application
1/24th Horky Eurosport - Price on application